Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I hate buying a car...

I know to some people it might seem like fun, but to me it is just a LOT of stress.  There is no way to know if the car will suddenly go downhill in a year (unless you buy new, which I would never do).  Even if it is dealer "certified" that is no guarantee.  I want to know I got a good deal and be super happy with my car.  We bought the Escape 3 years ago and it is all paid off, we have had a good experience with it, but I still feel like I should have paid 1-2 thousand bucks less on the "out-the-door" price, but that is the only negative I have about it.  We will keep it, and it has retained its value well (it's worth about 5 grand less--according to KBB private party--than we paid for it over 3 years ago so that is pretty good).  I have no desire to part with it any time soon, I am a pay the car off as quickly as possible and keep it for as long as possible type of girl.

Anyway, we can barely squeeze our family into the escape, and we will probably start trying for another baby in another 6-7 months or so (after Kate turns one-which seems really soon to me this time around, but it is our standard time frame).  Plus we need to buy one before school, since Matt won't be working then.  We have been pre-approved for an interest rate which I am very happy with, and for more money than I want to spend, now I just have to find the right car.

So if you know anyone who is trying to sell a sweet mini-van , or a Ford expedition EL (I would REALLY like to have the extra cargo space), or a similar full size SUV, with relatively low miles, in good condition for a fair price please shout out.  I would just love to know that I am getting an honest deal.

I wish I had a crystal ball.  This totally stresses me out.  Plus I am impatient.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random Pictures

Everybody says that Kate looks nothing like my other girls.  However, I think she looks similar (especially to Lily) but just has COMPLETELY different coloring.  Am I crazy?  Does anyone else see it, or does she look totally different to you too?  Here is a comparison pic of them all around Kate's current age.

Here are some random pics I took of the girls a couple days ago.

Here are some pics I took on my phone that my amazing & wonderful brother Charlie emailed me.  I don't have a data package & my phone is super cheap & ghetto, but charlie let me text him these & he emailed them!  Thanks for catering to my whims & being such a great big bro & uncle!  Love you!

Lily in the ER

Monday, May 16, 2011


Both Lily & Isabel have been in Gymnastics this spring.  They love it!  Miss Katie is so great and the girls just love her, and so do I!  Katie is one of those people who when you first meet her you think that she must be really mean and awful or else have something seriously wrong with her because she is so gorgeous and outgoing and perfectly put together, but then you get to know her and she is sweet as pie and absolutely wonderful (ok, clearly I am an awful person who has some desire to hate people who are better than me!??  But really I don't want to *hate* them I just have a secret hope that they are somehow defected so that I don't have to feel so bad about myself...yikes...I need therapy).  Anyway, she is definetly one of the 'cool kids', but you can't help but like her anyway!  She also runs the adult gymnastics/fitness classes that compel me to get off my bootie and I am really enjoying them and super grateful to her for doing them.

Get ready for a million pictures, because I couldn't bring myself to leave any out!

Helping with clean-up!

Getting her certificate and treat5

On saturday Lily had her first "performance".  She was SO excited & talked about it all week non-stop.   Uncle Charlie, Nana, & Boopah all came to watch.  Just before it was her turn she got really scared and ran over to me crying, but with a few words of encouragement she did it even though she was scared.  It wasn't her best run through it by any means, but I was so proud of her for being brave.