Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hello...Is this thing on...??

Hello, friends!!  It has been far too long, I apologize!  Here is a brief breakdown of what has been going on with us since I last blogged (on Oct 30th).
  • We celebrated Halloween
  • My mother in law came to visit
  • She left the same day that my mother arrived
  • I had a baby!!!
  • My brother Charlie came to visit
  • We all celebrated Thanksgiving
  • My brother left to go back to Ohio
  • A week later my mother left back to AZ
  • The day after my mom left my sister in law, Heather, arrived
  • 3 days later Heather left
  • We celebrated Katy's 3rd birthday
  • We celebrated Christmas
  • We celebrated New Years
  • We celebrated Izzie's 5th birthday
All that and it's only been 2 months and 1 week since I blogged!  And that doesn't even include all the fun small activities, those are just major milestones.  We also have all the "fun around the house" things, snow days, Christmas activities, etc.  I have been far too busy living life, or in some cases just trying to survive it, to stop and blog!  However, I am going to try and catch up, I even uploaded the pictures from my camera to this computer!!  (I haven't sorted through them yet though...)
But I wanted to take the time to say, we're all alive and well, blogging is definitely on my mind, even if it hasn't been at the top of the priority list, and I will be attempting to update the blog, and then not fall so far behind again.
If after all this time away, you are still checking my blog, and reading this boring post sans pictures, then you are a true friend!  Love to you, and promises of LOADS of cute baby/kiddo pictures headed your way soon!!