Friday, August 12, 2011

May & June 2011

What??  I am posting blogs entitled May and June and it is halfway through Aug...SILENCE you!!

I will admit that the Summer of 2011 has completely gotten away with me.  I have had no time and even less motivation...

That being said, I am hoping to "picture blog" May and June, and in another post hopefully get July done this week.  Picture blogging means that I will miss typing all the wonderful commentary on great events like Matt's B-day, Father's Day, vacations, etc.  But honestly I just can't sit down at this time and write out all the great (and not so great) and busy things that have been going on here for the past 4 months, and the longer I put it off the more stories pile up, so I will just put up pics and you can get the abbrev. version of our summer!  :)

 Birthday presents from the girls above, below is the chocolate cake (from scratch...that's me tooting my own horn in case you aren't familiar with my bragging) that Matt has requested in advance for pretty much every year for the rest of his life.  (The frosting is homemade cookies and cream, that's what the brown chunks are in case you're wondering)

One of my favorite things to do as a mom, ever since Lily was born is sneak into the room at night and peek at the girls while they are sleeping.  There is something so sweet about a sleeping baby/child.  It always warms my heart.  Izzie is my CRAZY sleeper and she never fails to disappoint me when I check on the girls before bed.  She is always sleeping in some crazy manner and it is always good for a laugh!  Unfortunately for you, most nights she ends up stripping off her jammies once she is in bed and sleeping only in her undies, so most of the pictures I have of her crazy sleeping habits are undies only and I won't be posting those, but her are some other ones.  She fell asleep during a family party on the couch like this for about 45 minutes.
 She started out asleep on the couch, but rolled off and it didn't even phase her, she slept here on the floor for another hour or two.
Isabel is also my most wild and crazy child while awake, she is super accident prone as well.  She definitely LEAPS before she looks.
 The top photo is of her black eye/cut.  This is the first black eye at our house (except for the ones I routinely give Matt to keep him in check...)  She almost took her eye out on the corner of a table, it was a lot more purple the next day, but I didn't manage to get a pic.  The below is us in Urgent care after getting her lip glued shut.  She put her teeth through her bottom lip after tripping and smacking her face on a bench.  The inside of her mouth was cut up pretty badly and she will always probably have a little scar just below her lip, they offered the name of a plastic surgeon and suggested we take her to minimize scarring, but seriously!  She's two!  When I was a kid NO ONE in their right mind would have suggested taking a 2 year old to a plastic surgeon to avoid a small scar.  Times have certainly changed my friends.  Hope she doesn't resent it when she grows up!
I sure do love that wild and crazy little girl.  Luckily she is one tough cookie and always handles her "ouchies" well.  She didn't cry at all while the PA cleaned out her mouth and glued the outside shut, I am just glad that if she has to be accident prone (these 2 pics don't even come close to covering it) and least she is tough as well!
 Kate continues to put the Sunshine in my sky and Lily is turning into such a big girl I can hardly stand it.  Please stop growing up Lily.  Stay my sweet, kind, obedient, innocent and thoughtful girl!!!  She learns something new everyday and is so inquisitive.  She is definitely a smarty pants!
We had an "in-town" reunion for Matt's mom's side of the family.  Because of Matt's work schedule we had to miss lots of things but we were there for the Saturday activities which included swimming and lunch/a carnival at the church.  It was lots of fun!
They put all the kids names in a hat and had a prize drawing and my 2 big girls were the first 2 names drawn!  Talk about luck!

 Ring toss
 Chariot races

 My mom and Hank came to town and we all went to see "Les Miserables" at Gammage.  It was SOOOOO good.  Unbelievable.  We got the tickets for them for Christmas and it was great.  LOVED IT!
 The girls had their first summer ever of swimming lessons and LOVED it!  Isabel was pretty opposed to it initially, she screamed the ENTIRE first lesson and cried for most of the second (however she was a good sport and did everything that was asked of her, she just sobbed while doing it).  But "Miss Jessica" (a good friend of ours) was great with both girls and by the 3rd lesson we were all smiles!  They loved it!

 We had a BIG father's day breakfast and both girls made ties for dad this year, here he is modeling them
Well folks there ya have it!  A very abbreviated version of the first half of our summer!  Stay tuned for our adventures in July!