Saturday, February 14, 2009

busy bees

Well, we certainly have been a busy bunch this past week or two! Last weekend we had my step-sister Lauren's wedding, which I still don't have a picture of and consequently my mom, hank and my other step-sis beth all stayed here, we also blessed Izzie in church and had a party for her, and Matt and I went to see Lion King (AMAZING-it's like magic) Sat night for our early valentines date. Those are all the big things that we have done (I think) and of course there are a million little things! I am sick right now and miserable so this post is going to be short, otherwise I would tell you all about everything. Here is the cliffnotes. I love my families. BIG TIME. I am grateful for the temple. Lion King was awesome, Matt and I both sprinked in the first number when all the animals came out, it is so magnificent. Although I wasn't crazy about the simba's, the rest of the cast was great and the show was wonderful, even though we are both super sleep deprived. Izzie's blessing was wonderful. There were so many guys standing in her circle, I didn't count but probably like 10 or something. I am so grateful that my girls have such a loving, supportive, wonderful group of worthy priesthood holding men in their lives. I grew up without a lot of adult male influence, really just my grandpa and it is so good to see my girls abundantly blessed with something that I really feel I missed out on growing up. So yea! for that :) So it Valentines and I am sick, but my wonderful husband made me a funny homemade card and brought me strawberry whipped cream pancakes in bed. He even made me a "J" shaped pancake like my mom did growing up. it was wonderful. I love him. Big Ones! Anyway, here is a bunch of pics and a video I love.

This is Lily watching "dora the explorer" at the end they always sing a "We did it" song and Lily loves to run around yelling "I did it" and dancing. This is actually a mild version of her song and dance, but the only one we have managed to capture. My favorite part is when she realizes Matt is taping halfway through.

Izzie Pics

Lily in the sandbox (our backyard's greatest asset!)

Going to Lion King

Beth and Izzie

Blessing Day Pics

Charlie Picking Oranges with Lily in the backyard