Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not gonna apologize

So normally this is when I would feel super guilty for being LAME and not blogging anything in over a month, especially when I was behind a month ago as well, but not today.  I will give you excuses [school, being busy, stress out the wazoo, responsibility, and for the past 2 weeks my ENTIRE family has been trying to survive a deadly (or at least it feels like death) cold], but I won't apologize.  :)  This is my blog and its mostly for my memories and so I am not gonna feel bad for the month break.  It was much needed.  You wouldn't have wanted to hear me whining and venting about how hard my life is anyway right?  Though I, and the rest of my family, except Kate, are all still sick and pretty miserable.  Kate is thankfully better, she got it first.  I would probably be better except I got ear and sinus infections after I started to feel the tiniest bit better.  Yes I realize that I am not 6 months old and I have no idea why I got an ear infection, its like the 2nd one I have ever had.  Kinda crazy, and painful.  But did I mention that I am not gonna whine?  Because I am not.  This isn't whining right?...

Anyway, because I still don't feel great I am just going to post pictures with little bits of caption to tell you what we are up to.  I am not going to cover the past week, because it was busy and I have a couple hundred pics to go through just from the last week and I am not up for that yet, but I will catch you up through mid-April!  Can't ask for more than that right?

Lots of exhaustion
A trip to the Zoo to celebrate the fact that both girls are staying 'dry' through the night regularly!  Woohoo!  Haven't had a wet bed in over a month! 

 LOTS of fits thrown.  Isabel is the reigning Queen, add on top of that all of us feeling sick and there has been lots of crying at our house...just what a sick mommy needs right?

Due to the great weather, we have tried to spend as much time outside as possible (when we haven't been too sick!) to enjoy it before it gets crazy hot

 We have had lots of time with cousins over to play


 Her friend Cecelia had a fairy birthday party --She had SOO much fun!

 My mom came to town for a day and brought my GG's quilting frames so we could tie the quilt I made for Kate
 Due to all the congestion Kate spent alot of time sleeping in the swing, bouncer, and car seat

 Kate loves playing with her toys and has gotten very good at grabbing them
 Katie on her finished quilt

 Kate turned 4 months and got to start eating baby food!

 The girls decorated a birthday cake for me
 I had a GREAT and quiet birthday.  Matt got me a Kindle and it is the best b-day present EVER.  I have been reading SO much and I love it.  I also got to joyride in my bro-in-law Tommy's new car (a BMW 3 series convertable), and that was SOOO fun!  He's lucky that I ever brought it back!  And I am lucky that I didn't pass any cops...
 I know that I am leaving out a lot, but c'est la vie!