Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kate's baby blessing

Kate's blessing was so wonderful.  Matt gave her such a beautiful blessing.  She is such a sweet girl.  So snuggly and loving and I will say it again, SMILEY!  She is just the perfect addition to our family and we all love her so much.
Lots of people got sick last minute and had to miss it (including my mom, and several other close family and friends) which was sad!  We missed them all!!  But even without the 15-20 people who canceled last minute we still managed to feed over 50 people at the house after the blessing was over.  It was so good to see so many of our friends and family.  What a great circle of love we have brought Miss Katie into!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Forgive me bloggers,

for I have sinned, it has been a month since my last blog.

So much for my attempt not to get behind this year!  And to be honest I STILL don't feel like blogging, so I will mostly let the pics speak for themselves with this one!

I love to go into Lily's room after quiet time and see how/what she has been playing.  She is really into make believe and playing what she calls "stories" lately.  I love to sit and listen, when she doesn't think I am, and hear her imagination in full force.
The girls got some bath crayons for Christmas and the LOVE them, they could stay in the bath all day everyday.
My good friend Kellee was in town for a couple of weeks before she moved to Chile for 6 months and we went by her parents house to hang out.  They have lots of animals and the girls loved it.

Kellee is one in a million and such a rockstar.  I love her to pieces and wish we got to see each other more often!

I also got to go to Thatcher for a week, while Matt was working like a mad-man.  We had an awesome time!   I will let the slideshow captions tell the story.
 I mostly just hung out with my family, though I did get to go to my dear friend's Tavia & Courtney's baby shower.  Unfortunetly I didn't take any pictures, so that isn't documented, but after 8 years of marriage they are finally being blessed with the kiddos we have all been praying for for so long!  They are adopting a family of 3, which will be a big transition, but I am SOOOOO excited for them and so grateful for this blessing in thier lives, they are such wonderful people and I love them to death.  They deserve this blessing so much!
While we were there my mom took Lily up to play in the snow again.  Isabel had a major double ear infection, so she stayed home with Kate and I.

After I was back in town Matt & I (and Kate) went to one of Matt's co-worker's wedding.  It was lots of fun.  Here is a pic of Matt with some of his co-workers from our table.

My sister Emily also gave us a bunch of clothes that her only daughter Ava has outgrown, including a dress that matched one she had given Lily for her birthday last year.  I love this dress so I am way excited that now Isabel has one to match it.

And here is a random one of Miss Katie, in case you have forgotten what she looks like :)