Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This Month in Pictures

Here are some Lily pics from the past couple of weeks. I really love this kid. She puts the sunshine in my life!

She LOVES bananas!

She is learning how to climb up on EVERYTHING, we may have an urgent care trip in our future!
This is her new cheesy smile that she proudly gives. It cracks me up!
Going down the slide in nana's new kiddy pool, which she LOVED!

Lily LOVES swimming, she is our little fishy and we can't seem to keep her out of the water. Here she is swimming with her cousins Clara and Langley
Trying to race back into the pool after we got her Dried off and warm!

Yummy Goldfish!

Eating a carrot straight from Nana's garden, much better than the rocks she was previously trying to eat!

My Grandpapa!

The past weekend my Grandpa was in the hospital in Tucson. It made me really reflect on my deep love for my Grandparents. I have great grandparents. On both sides really. I love them all. They have had more influence on my life and who I am than anyone except my mom. I could go on about all the qualities of all my grandparent's but his is a tribute to Grandpa Warner and GG.

I have always been a Grandpa's girl. I have always looked up to him and believed that he is just what a Grandpa ought to be. He and my Grandma are the most generous people. They do more for everyone they know, and don't know, than anyone else I know. My Grandma I think, will be thinking about what she can do for someone else until her last breath. I know that. They are hard workers, too hard sometimes I think actually, and they are ALWAYS giving. I really do believe that they just don't make them like that any more. They come from such a different generation. I think that there are SO many ways that I will always be striving to be like them. Matt and I lived with them for the first 2 1/2 years of our marriage in their guest house out back. During this time I got to know and respect them as an adult. I am so grateful for that time with them, to know them on a different level. I love them so much and appreciate who they are as individuals and as a couple. They are two of my favorite people in the world. They are beautiful people who have helped me become a better person and I love them, more than words. Thank heavens for eternal families.

My Birthday

Ok so now that a month has gone by and I have a long list of things to blog about I will finally blog about my B-day and everything else that has happened in the past month!

My birthday was on tues april 15th. Matt had to work and I was pretty bummed out to be spending the whole day alone, so my dear sweet mom DROVE DOWN FROM THATCHER just to hang out with me on my birthday and go to Olive Garden for lunch. I love her so much and I think it speaks volumes to our relationship that she would do that. It was SO great to have her here and of course she made me a cake and drove it down here in a cooler. Not just any cake. A pirate cake. Because I love pirates. LOVE them!! :)

What can I say, the best mom EVER!

My brother came over after work, which is a 20 minute drive in the opposite direction, so like 30+ to then drive to his house. I love him too and I am glad that he came to hang out with me even though he had only been there 2 days before! We ordered pizza and hung out. It was great! Then Matt got home around 8:30 and they sung happy birthday and I blew out the candles.

A couple days later Matt and I went to his parents house and they watched Lily while we went out to dinner. I really do have great in-laws! We ate at a steakhouse, yum!, and then went to Toys-R-Us where we spur of the the moment decided to buy RockBand for our PS2. It was pretty awesome and Lily LOVES the game. She is a rockstar.