Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SOO behind!

Gosh!  I am so awful, I literally have spent the past 6 weeks being a slave to responsibility and 'adulthood'.  It has not been very much fun for me personally, and I have had NO time to blog since I generally put that in the 'me time' category and I have done NOTHING in that category except sleep and shower!  (except for a new Tuesday night workout/gymnastics class--which I am loving by the way!)  Anyway, now I am SOOOOO behind on blogging and overwhelmed at the amount of stuff I had planned to blog on, so this will probably be skimpy and mostly pics, which always makes me sad because I wanted to comment on lots of the events of the past month and a half and thought to myself several times, "I HAVE to remember to put this on my blog so I don't forget it"...and whoops!  I have forgotten more than half of them I bet!

Since February was a big month with Lily's B-day and a trip to Thatcher, I am just gonna cover February and then I will catch up March in the next post.

Anyway, we had a great Valentine's Day.  We (and by we I mean I acting on behalf of 'we') got the girls little gifts, including chocolate since they are our Valentines.  Izzie, showing me her chocolate...NICE!

We also got Kate a car seat toy thingy.  See her enthusiasm...

I got Matt 8 gifts since this is our 8th Valentine's Day as a couple.  Valentine's is actually the Anniversary of Matt and my first day as an exclusive couple.  He told me he loved me for the first time late on the 13th (so it probably was technically the 14th though neither of us were even thinking about V-day at the time), and I decided to give him a shot, never thinking it would end up this way!  So I like to celebrate Valentines, even though I was pretty skeptical that first year, in fact I like to celebrate it because I am so grateful to Matt for putting himself out there and being a champ wading through my pessimism.  My response to his first declaration of love was literally (gasp!) (look of disbelieving shock) (Narrowed angry eyes) "We'll see" said grumpily.  Pretty lame, huh?  Like I said at the time I really didn't think it was going to work out so well and we were technically fighting when he brought it up, so I was pretty jaded and closed off.  But I am glad it DID work out and so I like to be extra sweet to Matt for putting up with me being such a skeptic that first year.

We have been playing outside a lot lately since the weather has been so nice.

 I decorated my first Primary Bulletin Board as the Secretary for our Church's primary (children's organization for kids up to 12).  In order to make it more exciting I decorated it in a pirate theme and made it a big treasure map

I also did an 'Articles of Faith' section, which states the principles of our faith.  It was fun getting to be creative.

The day before Lily's birthday is her Nana's (Matt's mom) birthday.  She had to take cupcakes to an event the night before her b-day so we had cake at the house, so we (I) decided to make her a big cookie instead of a birthday cake.  I let Lily decide what shape to make it in, I was trying to sway to towards a heart shape, but she chose a flower, so I tried to mold a big flower by hand out of cookie dough and have it bake through.  It turned out OK looking, but tasted DELICIOUS!  :)

I let the girls pick out the colors and help me decorate it.
The next day Izzie pulled a chair over and licked half the frosting off while I was in the other room.
Heather and Mandy came over to take their mom to lunch
The next day was Lily's birthday

She got to go to school and bring treats and be the special helper. 

She loves school and her teachers SO much, so I am really glad that her B-day fell on a school day so that she could go to school.

After school we went to peter piper with Nana for lunch.

We went straight from Peter Piper to Thatcher for a long weekend.  When we got there we of course then had to do a little mini celebration at my mom's house.

 Lily requested my mom make a "Jessie and Bullseye" cake, so my mom whipped this up and I think it turned out AWESOME.  Have I mentioned what a talented lady she is?

Saturday we had a birthday party with my family.

Isabel is my little actress and loves to watch herself cry in the mirror...it CRACKS me up...for now.

Lily got some Lincoln Logs for her birthday and had some fun with them.

So did the boys...

Sunday afternoon is snowed/sleeted/hailed which was the first time Lily had ever seen any of the white stuff fall (Izzie was napping), so that was pretty cool!

Sunday night we played games with my family, and we played funny bones which is awesome and hilarious.

 This is Beth and her boyfriend Kenneth (this isn't the most flattering picture of them...sorry guys)  Kenneth is Lily's first crush, MAJOR.  It is pretty cute.

In general it was a great time, Matt went to the Library everyday to do homework and I did homework at my mom's and spent time with the family.  The days went by too fast and we were all sad to leave.

After we got back from Thatcher, Isabel finished potty training and was in big girl panties permanently!!!!  HALLELUJAH!!!!!  This has CHANGED MY LIFE!  Can't over-express how awesome this is!  She has been such a breeze after Lily & I owe her my sanity for it.

We also moved the girls into the same room & Isabel into a big girl bed, so that Kate could move into her old room & into the crib.  This has led to a lot of late-late nights and added to my sleep deprivation much to my chagrin.  It has also led to lots of same bed snuggling and sneaky giggles, which I love.

Kate continues to be the most Smiley baby EVER!

February was a great and busy month and so far March is following right in its footsteps.  Soon I will right a blog to talk about what we've done so far this month.