Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lily's First day of school EVER!

Lily started preschool this week!  It is kind of crazy!  I can't believe that she is so big.  She has been SO excited to go to school.  We took her to walmart and let her pick out a backpack and she has been wearing it and talking about school non-stop for the past week.  She is so ready to get out there!  Yesterday was her first day and she loved it!  Here are her first ever 'first day of school pics'!

The most wonderful thing about summer, is summer's a wonderful thing!  I guess now that we have a kiddo in school our summer is at an end (kind of...preschool's only 2 days a week and it is still over 110 outside so...).  We didn't have a very eventful summer.  Matt was crazy busy with school and work, I was pretty sick and we moved, so we didn't get to do too many fun activities.  Matt was simply unavailable and I just was NOT up to the task of being out in the heat with both girls by myself.  It was kind of a summer of survival.

But here are some of my favorite things about summer.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby Names

Hey ya'll it is that time again, we are thinking about baby names!  So what are your opinions?  Take a vote!  But please be aware, we will likely ignore whatever you say and go with our gut (if it ever speaks up), so don't be offended if that happens. 

I am more at a loss, this is our 3rd time going over girl names and at this point I don't have any super strong feelings pointing the way, but I do have 3 that I am strongly considering.  Oh, and since I actually like all these names, please limit your comments to positive ones and none of the "Well, I absolutely HATE 'this one'".  Anyway, I would LOVE to hear some input, and even if you have suggestions that aren't currently on our list, we are open to them!  Here they are!

(I am a HUGE Jane Austen fan and this classic name makes me think of the beautiful Jane Bennet)

(after my mom whose name is Kathy, we would probably call her Kate, maybe Kitty as a little girl)

(and call her Ellie as a little girl)

Anyway, as you can tell we like more simple classic names, our other girls are Lily and Isabel, and we'd like to stay in that classic category.  So...what do you think?

Monday, August 2, 2010

And the baby is a...

...nother girl!  We are 90% sure that this one is a girl :)  We will check again at our next appointment to make sure.  The baby looks healthy and great so far.  She is measuring just over a week behind our due date, which isn't too suprising for us since we think conception-wise she is about a week behind the standard time table, so maybe she will only be one week early instead of 2.

I am actually really excited that it is going to be a girl.  It will be more convient at this point in our lives and certainly more cost effective to have a girl.  Plus we know what we are doing with a girl.  If this were going to be our last baby we would have been hoping for a boy, but since we are sure that we will have at LEAST one more, we are just happy for healthy and actually kind of relieved that it is a girl, since it will be easier at this point.

Now I am just wondering what her little personality will be like.  Lily and Isabel are SO different and they each add such a unique dynamic to our little family.  It will be so interesting to get to know this little one and see what effect her personality has on our group.  I love her already and it will be great to meet her and know her.

Now we have to figure out a name so she stops being "her".  We are kicking a couple of things around, so we'll see.