Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This Month in Pictures

Here are some Lily pics from the past couple of weeks. I really love this kid. She puts the sunshine in my life!

She LOVES bananas!

She is learning how to climb up on EVERYTHING, we may have an urgent care trip in our future!
This is her new cheesy smile that she proudly gives. It cracks me up!
Going down the slide in nana's new kiddy pool, which she LOVED!

Lily LOVES swimming, she is our little fishy and we can't seem to keep her out of the water. Here she is swimming with her cousins Clara and Langley
Trying to race back into the pool after we got her Dried off and warm!

Yummy Goldfish!

Eating a carrot straight from Nana's garden, much better than the rocks she was previously trying to eat!


Heather said...

I cannot get over how STINKIN' cute she is!! I love, love, love her smiling eyes. Lucky!

Charlie said...

I was showing a picture of Lily to someone at work, and he said, "She's pretty cute!" I was offended. "Pretty cute?! She's the freaking cutest ever. EVER!" Looking back on the incident, I probably should not have punched him in the face. That was a bad call.

Abbey said...

She has the most adorable little face!