Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lily's 1st Birthday!!

OK! Lily turned 1 year old on Febuary 24th! I could not believe it! The time goes by SO quickly and with the sleep deprivation, one day just kind of melted into the next and all of the sudden, she is one and walking around. She had a GREAT time at her birthday party. She got WAY more presents than she needed, but she loved them all. I was actually a little suprised at how much attention she has paid to each one and how happy she was to have new things. I didn't think she would care that much about her presents, but she really did appreciate them! I wish that more of the people who wanted to be there could have joined in the fun but we had most of our families there and I had a good time. :) It was a good first birthday!

Here are some pictures:

And some video of the Birthday Cake fun:


Charlie said...

Wow. No pictures of me allowed on the blog EVER AGAIN. EVER.

Heather said...

I can't believe she's already a year! Holy crap, we're getting old. Oo, and I love her bow!

Coronado's said...

i'm still sad that my husbands kids were out of control and i couldn't bring myself to relocating the chaos from our house to her party. (i've decided that anytime they're out of control, they're 100% his and i'm of no relation)

i love the pic of you helping her open gifts. with the background it's like a cousin pic minus langley. lol