Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bradbeer Visit Wrap-up!

Wow!  It's finally here, my last post about our amazing visit with the beloved Bradbeer family!  We had SUCH a good time with them here and I am so happy that they spent the money and took the time out of their family's busy summer to come and visit us!  We sure do love them and have really missed them!

Here are all the pictures that just didn't really fit into a specific "themed" post, but that I wanted to share and remember!

 One of the days they were here I went to workout at the gym and the kids and Heather went to the park next door and played and had lunch (except Katie who went to the gym with me, we joined them afterward).  Then we all went to the Library for a while.  It was a nice, fun, laid back day.

Most days Kate had to forgo her usual afternoon nap, due to our busy schedule, which resulted in passing out pretty hard every night.
 One morning we heard LOTS of giggles down stairs, when we called down and asked the girls what was going on, they said they were doing Uncle Tommy's hair. 
 When he came up to my room to show me, I was so surprised by the amount of hair bows that covered his head like a shower cap!  I laughed so hard.  It was pretty impressive.  What a great uncle!

 The night they left all the "little girls" put on a piano recital that Kenz had organized.  They had passed out hand made invites earlier in the day and then handed out programs as we gathered 'round at the specified time.  Each girl "played" a piece.  Most of them turned on one of the auto songs on the keyboard settings and pretended to play, but Lily actually surprised us by learning and memorizing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and playing that for us, and Kenz played the introductory song in our learn to play level 1 piano book. 

 The parents/big kids all watched with rapt attention

 Kate taking her bow

 During Kenzie's piano piece these 3 girls did a little choreographed dance.

 Then, just before we took the Bradbeer's to the airport, we had dinner and dessert!  Twinkie had just been brought back a day or two before and our girls had never had them before, so Uncle Tommy, felt that introducing them to twinkies was a MUST.  And I must say, it was a big hit!
After they left, the girls cried and cried.  Matt came home from the airport with a card for us from each member of the Bradbeer family, and they were SO sweet and thoughtful, that I then bawled just as much as the girls had.  I've saved all the cards, they were just perfect little reminders of why we love the Bradbeers so darn much!


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Great Happy Family
Always be Happy, God Bless You

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