Friday, May 13, 2011

back to life...

We are now just about completely recovered from everybody being sick.  About a week after Lily got better (the first time) she started complaining about hip pain.  This seemed weird she had never done anything like this before,and the first time she complained about it, she came into my room after being asleep for a few hours and said her hip hurt really bad, but I figured that she probably just slept on it wrong so I sent her back to bed.  She came in 3 more times that night, I eventually gave her some motrin (mostly just to satisfy her) and the next day she was still complaining about the pain, but not as much.  She was still walking and playing, she was grouchy, but I assumed it was because she didn't get much sleep.  As we got closer to lunch she started acting sick and got a fever.  I gave her tylenol and piggy backed motrin just before she went to bed, when she got up from her nap 2 hours later, she walked out, I took one look at her and my mommy-sense knew that she was really sick, and that something was wrong.  I took her temp and it was 103.9 (this was with both tylenol & motrin in her system) normally I wait for fevers to stick around for a couple days before calling the Dr, but I just really didn't feel right.  I called the Dr's office and they had an opening half an hour later which I snagged.  It takes about 20 minutes for us to drive there so I immediately woke up Isabel (which is hard to do and boy was she grumpy) and got Kate dressed in something she hadn't yet spit up on and set off.  The Dr was pretty convinced that she had a bone infection and sent us to the ER.  It ended up NOT being a bone infection (thank goodness!--that would have meant at least 2 weeks in the hospital int he best case senario and possibly surgery).  They did lots of tests Xrays, blood, urine, etc and Lily was so brave.  They eventually hooked her up to an IV and administered antibiotics.  The staff was so great with her and she didn't cry a single time.  Every time they did a new scary procedure they would give her something or let her pick something.  She ended up with 2 different sticker sheets, a coloring packet with crayons, a stuffed animal (she picked a worm), and a big coloring poster that she picked out shown below.  While we were there she didn't care about her stuff that much (except for snuggling her worm) she felt too awful to get excited, but once we were home and she was feeling better she was so happy to have so much cool stuff from Daddy's hospital. 

Everyone being sick led to a lot of slacking around the house.  Example:
Laundry is the only drawback to having more kids in my mind.

Isabel continues to be in Kate's face constantly (over-loving her), but Kate always bears it in patience.

 Katie has learned to roll over, she is geting so big I can't stand it.
and another one just for fun


Jewel said...

That's so scary!! I'm so glad she turned out okay. It's so scary when they have high fevers like that. You don't want to be a paranoid mamma, but at the same time, you don't want to let it go just in case it is something serious. Good for you for trusting your instincts and the Spirit. You're a good mommy.

Charlie said...

I love the pictures of Sabelita with Kate. Reminds me of Emily with you at that age, only less sinister. Keep an eye on her in a few years and make sure she doesn't try to sell her to Iranian terrorists. I don't think any of us need to relive that.