Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day Three - Fun in the sun!

The third day of our Vacay was also our wedding anniversary!  It was nice to spend it at the beach!  We played all day on the beach with the girls, and Matt and I took turns body boarding.  It was a gorgeous day and we had a great time!  That evening we went down to Hunington Beach and Matt and Tom and the kids had some spectacular fish tacos, then we went home and after the girls were down for the night Matt and I went on a mini-date down to Cold Stone for ice cream (could a pregnant lady ask for more?), then when we got back to the house we took a blanket, our portable DVD player and some sparkling cider down to the beach and watched our wedding video.  It was REALLY great.  All n all, not a bad way to spend an anniversary!
 Showing me her sandy feet, these girls LOVED to play in the sand, they could do this all day!

 Just chillin with Miss Langley
 She loved to bury her hands and feet
 Going out to catch a wave and ride it in with Jordan and Brax

 Lily playing in the water with Dad

If you can tell in this pic, her hands are covered in sand, as they were the whole time we were on the beach, but she is a finger sucker (Lily sucks her thumb & Izzie sucks her pointer, however Lily had the good sense not to try and suck her thumb on the beach!).  It was pretty gross.  She would put her finger in her mouth, then tell me the sand was yucky, but continue to suck her finger anyway.
 The result of the finger sucking, sandy mouth.  When she sees this pictures she makes a face and her "Ewww" sound and tries to wipe the sand off of the pic!

 Telling me about being in the waves with Daddy

 Matt's sister Heather
 Matt dropping in on a wave
 Playing with Uncle Tom

 watching Tom & Lily throw the frisbee
 I sure do love this girl!

 Isabel's wanna-be coppertone ad
 Playing Frisbee with the love of Isabel's life, Uncle Tommy

 My beach bum hubby
 The sand alligator we made, isn't he scary??!


Jewel said...

So much fun!! That's hilarious that she tries to wipe the sand off of the picture when she sees it.
Sounds like it was a very romantic/fun anniversary!

Heather said...

What a cute/wonderful way to spend an anniversary! I'm loving the wedding video on the beach thing.

I was a finger sucker until an embarrassing age. I feel her. And I'm also digging her cute little hat and belly poking out.

And, hello? Could that alligator look more awesome?

The LaLa said...

What a wonderful way to spend your anniversary! Seriously, that is an amazing alligator. Somebody has skills.

Sare said...

SO CUTE!! I am addicted to Izzies belly...so adorable!!!