Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What happened to November????

Well, things here are CRAZY. My big ward Christmas party is this Saturday so since I am in charge of it, I am stressed to the MAX!! I really don't have time to be posting this, so I will let the past months activities speak for themselves with some pics!

For the first time in her life Lily got really sick.

Downright miserable sick.

And spent alot of time just snuggling.

Falling asleep sitting up.

After about a week, she was all better and acting like her own happy self!

We went to the zoo and because the weather is great all the animals were out enjoying it!

We went to the doctor, where I have to be all the time latley!

Lily had a great time.

Who knew that a dr's stool could be so much fun?

She announced to me "poop" and laid down right on the floor of the office for me to change her diaper.

It will be great when we actually have the big potty down!

We helped Nana and Boopah set up all their Christmas Decor the day after Thanksgiving (which I seem to not have pics of, I'll have to steal someone elses, but it was great!)

Lily got to play in Nana's sleigh.

This month she also perfected her "cheese" smile that is making getting a normal pic almost impossible!

case in point.

She had fun at sunday dinner terrorizing nana (and everyone else) with a stuffed animal. Growling at or in anyway terrorizing is her new favorite thing. lucky us.


Charlie said...

How about if you be super stressed this week because of the ward party, I'll be super stressed this week because of the 20-page term paper I have to write, and we'll see each other next week when we'll both have more time/sanity/time for heavy drinking. Yes? Did I just say heavy drinking? I meant holiday magic.

Charlie said...

PS, I love the photographic documentation of Lily's eventual progression from sick to happy. Brilliant and so effing cute. It's ridiculous. YOU'RE ridiculous. Your mom's ridiculous.

Heather said...

Lily is ridiculously cute. That's all.

Jewel said...

I absolutely love Lily's laugh. Thank you for sharing. Oh, and guess what!! After today you can be (relatively) stress-free--no more ward Christmas party!! HALLELUJAH!!

Corri said...

We got to see her at our ward Christmas party. :D Such a cutie. So how did it go? Did you survive? And how are you feeling these days? You're getting closer!!! Yay!