Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Well, this Halloween was a busy and slightly stressful day for us since I was in charge of our ward's Halloween Party/dinner and Trunk-or-Treat. We opted to all go as nurses since we knew that we would be super busy and running around like crazy and these costumes ended up being great, nice and cool and comfortable! The party went really well and it all ended up great. It was my first major activity being completely in charge and I was nervous about it, but it ended up running smoothly or at least everything that I was in charge of seemed to, so YEA! Now I have to start working on the Christmas part that is in less than 5 weeks. :)/eek!

Anyway, Lily is getting bigger and acting like more of a kid everyday. This week I learned that I could French braid her hair (if I could keep her occupied enough to quickly do it) and it makes her seem even bigger to me, because that is a big girl hair do! So anyway, I had to snap a couple pics of her looking so big!

This is what we found her doing this morning while we were getting breakfast ready, she crawled into these boxes, one is set inside the other so there was only a small opening to crawl through, but she got in and had a blast! I had put some papers in there to recycle and she also had fun promptly throwing them all over the dining room floor. We knew that she was being too quiet to be up to any good, so we had to look around to find her, but there she was!


Jewel said...

I heard the Trunk-or-Treat went really well--everyone that I've talked to had a blast. So good job on that one!! Let us know if you need any help for the Christmas party--Steve would totally be willing to dress up as an elf (tights and all). :) Just don't tell him I told you that.

Charlie said...

I feel so much pressure to leave a comment (since I always do), but all I can say is that Lily is the cutest ever and she loves her Tío Charlie, so what else is there to comment on, really?

Jeff and Elisa said...

I love how yours and Lily's outfits match, how fun! So are we going to do the girls night? Let me know if you need help planning it! LOVE YOU!

Kellee said...

JENNI-POOOOOOO. I LOVE YOU! i was just looking over your blog and as I read on and on my face strched into a bigger and bigger smile! I can't believe your lil one is comming so soon! I'm happy that your big calling at church is workin out! and I can't believe how big and cute Lily is! ANd And ANd I miss u! Lookin forward to the Christmas holiday break and hope I will get to see you!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!

Diana said...

Hi Jen! I was just blog surfin and came across yours.
You did do a great job on the Trunk or Treat! And I know you will do great on the Christmas party too. We need to come see you this next week! I will call you.