Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Random Update

Ok, so I have needed to blog for a while, but things have been SO crazy and I am still puking/nauseous so I have fallen behind! I'll try to just do a quick update on the goings-ons.

First off, we got our car back!! Woohoo! Thank you to the random pet store worker who phoned it in and to the Mesa PD! They ripped up the center console to get the CD player out (which didn't work anyway), but that was about it. Funny how that works, if they would have just knocked on our door we would have gladly given them the player! Matt's theory is that they drove it for a couple days until it started overheating on them and then the dumped it!

We have officially decided to just rent somewhere else. We have been looking around, we just aren't sure when exactly we are going to go. Our rent will more than double anywhere we go so it is a plus and minus situation, although it will be REALLY nice not to have to run upstairs every time I have to throw up! I won't miss the awesome disco strobe light that is our kitchen, if you have EVER been in my kitchen I am sure that you have noticed the strobe!

Lily is getting bigger and cuter and more of a handful everyday! It is so fun as she learns new things. She is definitely going through a frustration phase as she feels like she is big enough to do all kinds of things, but doesn't quite have the coordination and ability to do it all. It is so great to see her learning new things every week and especially as she learns new words. Her hair is finally long enough to put in full out piggy's so I am LOVIN that!

Also we have been trying to get her comfortable with the idea of sitting on a big girl potty, which she has NO problem with. She would strip down and sit on that thing all day if I would let her!

We have a family reunion this weekend, which should be cool, although I am definitely not looking forward to the 6 hour car ride with Lily, wish us luck and send warm happy thoughts our way this Friday and Sunday as we are driving, so that we all stay sane with the screaming and complaining that is sure to be had!

Life is good! With everything that has been happening to us lately, all I have been able to think is how incredibly blessed I am. Matt and I have really seemed to have such a great life since we got married, not that we haven't had our share of difficult circumstances, but I have always had such a sense of peace and understanding and love. And I do feel like we have been watched over and guided and protected far more than anything we could ever deserve or that our actions have merited. I just hope that we will always remember and be presented with opportunities to pay it forward as our life continues!


Heidi said...

The key is to stop at places with playground equipment on the way! :) I can't wait to see you guys this weekend. It will be fun.

Bon said...

lily's hair is super cute!!! grace's hair is just getting long enough to do different things to it too. this weekend should be fun, but i feel your pain about the car ride. i'll pray for you if you pray for me! see ya there!

Katie Richards said...

So where are you two looking for a house at? Still in Mesa? Gilbert? Cause I know some places. There are some Apartments that I used to live off of Horne just south of Main St on Dana. Rent was $520 for a 2 bed 2 bath and the kitchen wasn't that bad. They also have 2 bed 1 baths. I think there is one for rent right now. Let me know, I'd love to help in your search.

Charlie said...

Вы должны жить в центре города рядом со мной, и всё. Или вы должны жить в доме с маленькой дачкой в саду где смогу жить я. Что же, вы с Маттом не понимаете, что это всё зависит от МЕНЯ и МОИХ нужд?!

The Swinson Family said...

Jenn, she is sooooo gorgeous! Poor Matt in 15 years. lol. But hey, there will always be my cute and trustworthy Cooper for her to date :)

I hope you start feeling better soon, and that your car ride isn't too hard. We just took a 6 hour with Cooper and he did pretty good. Lots of singing on my part. Poor Clint had to listen to the ABC song for far too long.