Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lovely Little Lily

So being a stay at home mom isn't always easy. I know that you are probably thinking, but you only have one kid, how hard can it be?? But here is the thing, somtimes I think it may be hard BECAUSE I have one kid. And this one kid is my darling sweet, and terribly needy Lily, who relies on me to provide constant entertainment to her. I don't know if it is partially just due to her personality or if I have flubbed up by giving her to much attention, but most days just keeping her busy, happy, and entertained is a full days work. So in order to get anything done I have to try very hard to distract her. The other night I was trying desperatley to get some work done on a scrapbook, she was trying desperately to give me more help than I could handle. I had told her no and taken many scrapbooking things away from her so many times that I didn't much care whatelse she got into!

One bag of Gallon Sized Ziplock Bags: Two Dollars

Clean up Time: 3 minutes

10 minutes of peace and quiet: PRICELESS!


Heather said...

Ha, ha, ha!

Coronado's said...

yeah, that's right! whatever it takes for 10 {uninterrupted} minutes

The Haban Family said...

Isn't 10 minutes of silence WONDERFUL?! I always tell Kameron to just let Kason be if he's happy, no matter what's he doing, because as a mother - silence is GOLDEN!!!

Heidi said...

One thing I used to do with Josh is put a chair at the kitchen sink and fill the sink with water and then give him measuring cups. It allowed me to get dinner done!