Thursday, January 26, 2012

Family Pictures 2011

The last week of December (2011), we had some professional pictures taken of our family (for the first time EVER!)  It was very exciting!  These were done by a friend of mine, Lacie Lane, who is fantastic. 

It was pretty difficult for the to limit the number of photos that I posted here (There are more in a facebook album for those of you who care & who are on FB).

However here are 20 of my favorites.  I am still trying to decide which ones will get put up.


~Jeff and Elle~ said...

Jenn you look so stunning and GORGEOUS in your family pics! I love the color purple on you too! :) Seriously your family pics belong on the cover of the Ensign! :)

It was fun to read an update on your fam! I love and miss you!

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