Monday, March 8, 2010

it's coming...

Soon you too will have lots to read. Although I can't guarentee it will be as interesting! 

Yes my friends, a blogging frenzy is on it way!  I can feel it in the air!  :)

Today I sorted through my pictures taken over the past couple of weeks and put them in little sub-folders within my pics to blog folder.  This is the task that I hate most about blogging, having to go through all the pictures we take (which is ALOT of them btw) & figure out which ones to blog about and then also set them aside to make them easier to find/organize within my blog.  BUT I just did this.  So that means I am ready to insert said pics into a blog.

Actually I am going to divide it up into 3 blogs I think.  We had a busy month.  We have Lily's birthday events, a trip to thatcher that I will divide up, because it includes Lily's party and a snow trip to the mountain.  I don't think I will actually write them today, just sorting through the pics was a feat!  I have sick kiddos who only want to be held.  It is easier to click and drag pics than it is to type a blog with kids on your lap.  As I am sure you will note by the plethura of typos in all my blogs.  Sorry about that.  By the time I get them typed, because lets be honest they are all novels, I just hit publish and don't bother to proof-read them because I usually have already taken way more time than I had to spare just writing the things.

Anyway, this is a blog to say, check back on my blog during the week, because I will hopefully be adding lots over the next few days :)

And here are some random pictures that don't really fit into a certain category of blog :)

Isabel on Valentines Day 

Some friends of Lily's had a fun valentine exchange/party.  It was lots of fun and I LOVE that there are such sweet kids in our ward her age and that there are mom's willing to organize this kind of thing and invite us.  Lily had a great time.

Also this is Isabel everyday when Lily takes a nap/quiet time.  Notice her up on her tip toes trying to get the door open.  She loves to pound on the door and try and wake Lily up.  We'll be in trouble once she can actually get the door open.


Heather said...

It totally cracked me up that this a wordy blog about how you will soon be blogging. Ha, ha, it reminds me of me, and makes me love you even more.

Katie said...

You have the most beautiful little girls! That picture of Isabel is so so pretty!