Thursday, March 5, 2009

What the February??!!

Yep, February is here and gone ALREADY! Holy Cow!

Once again I find myself overwhelmed by the fact that I have not blogged in a while and I need to play catch-up! Once I get behind, I just keep putting it off because it seems like so much work, so to the one or two of you that care I apologize for not updating!

Here are some pictures from the first week of Febuary, we tried to get a pic of all 4 of us, but Lily was a MEGA beast that day and would have none of it! Which is crazy because she normally LOVES to smile for the camera!

The second week of Feb I was sicker than a dog (what does that mean do you think? Seriously, I wonder where that comes from). Anyway, it was horrible because Izzie isn't a very good sleeper at all and when you aren't getting ANY sleep it is SO hard to get better. So I was pretty miserable, here is a huge shout out to my blessed mother-in-law (who doesn't acually read this, but that is beside the point) who took Lily to play at her house a couple of days so I could rest when Izzie would. I have the best MIL ever!
The 3rd weekend of Febuary we went to Thatcher for my Grandpa's 83rd birthday. Here is my Grandpapa and GG with Isabel.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Grandparents SSOOOOO much. They have had as much impact as anyone I know on shaping who I am. My grandpa was pretty much it as far as male influences in my life growing up and he truly is my favorite person next to Matt and my girls. It is hard to watch as he gets older and his physical and mental state wears with age. My grandma is the strongest person I know, but I still worry about her. I can't imagine what it will be like as Matt and I get older and need to take care of each other. It is alot to deal with. Anyway, it was good to see them, it is ALWAYS good to see them. I respect them more than anyone I know. I miss them SO much and if it were up to me I would move back to Thatcher just to be near them. AND THAT'S THE TRUTH!

While we were in Thatcher we decided to have a birthday party for Lily since her birthday is 3 days after grandpa's and Matt would be back at work on her actual birthday. We had a great time! It was so good to get my family and friends together,

and although it was a little windy and the park, it was perfect for flying the kite that Matt got for Lily.

Mange and I even liked it :)

My mom of course made Lily a great cake! It is a lady bug since Lily's nickname is LilyBug (and we call Isabel IzzieBee)

It didn't just LOOK good, it tasted pretty good too!This is one of my BFF's Cindy and her husband Joe and their son JJ, later this afternoon she went into labor (with a little magic juju from me) and the next day she gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Sophie Tatiana :)
This is mama savage and Sophie!

This is Matt teaching our nephew Braxton some guitar chords at a family party we had for our nephew Colton's 1st birthday the last week of February.Here are some videos of the girls this week!


Heather said...

Um, I LOVE that you called your child a beast. Cracked me up. But beside the occasional beastlihood, I'm convinced she's sort of a genius with identifying pentagons and trapezoids. And I'm sure this will be no surprise to you, but her fart during that video tooootally cracked me up. I also can't get over how much she and Isabel look alike! The two of yous make beautiful babies.

Tio Bruno said...

Why is it that one is sick as a dog but healthy as a horse? One of life's mysteries...

Charlie said...

Thank you for blogging! I hate people who go months and months and months without blogging (and when they do, sometimes it gets all political and crap)... They have all kinds of stupid excuses like "I'm in grad school" or "I have multiple sclerosis" or bla bla bla. Can't wait to come see you guys when I get back!

Un abrazo desde México,

Katie Richards said...

Jenn, you look gorgeous in your family photos at the temple! You're so awesome and have the CUTEST little girlies!

ps: Time for a girls night!

Claire said...

Your girls are so cute!! Congratulations on Izzy's arrival. I keep missing seeing you guys at church to congratulate you in person... :D

Big Momma said...

How can you not have time to update your blog? You act like you've got a super cute newborn that you're keeps you up during the night, and a toddler that runs full-speed during the day. What kind of excuse is that? I even find time to frequently update my blog..... every 3 weeks! [assuming I'm lucky lol]

The Saunders Family said...

Great post! It sounds like February was quite eventful. Sorry to hear that you were so sick though. That Aunt Martha really rocks, doesn't she?

Jeff and Elisa said...

Love the matching dresses and Izzie is not allowed to get any bigger until we make a road trip out there to see you girls. Oh yeah, that vid would not have been half as great without the little toot from Lily!! Love you Jenn and I'm glad you updated! :)