Monday, December 22, 2008

A Week in Review

OK, first off here is a shout out to my BFF Heather, because I stole the above pic from her blog, because it describes EXACTLY how I feel this week. Yep, I am SOOOO over being pregnant and questioning why I ever signed up to do this again (and at the same time knowing I will forget these feelings and eventually do it again). I am in that ninth month and completely miserable and will remain that way until this baby comes out!! Enough said.

This week was a pretty good week, aside from the physical and emotional misery I am in. My daughter has been a ridiculous riot, keeping me entertained and on my toes.

Here she is in her room laying on the bottom shelf of her changing table, I found her like this the other day.

Lately we have spent a few days in our PJ's all day, just to take a bath at night and get into new PJ's (see above misery and don't even think about judging me!!) Anyway, she found some left over "little swimmers" from the summer and LOVES to add them to any outfit. She would seriously wear them over any outfit if I would permit her.

As we were all playing on the floor of her room this morning, she wanted to stack all of her blankets on daddy.

After they were all stacked she grabbed her pillow and woobie and made a snuggly little bed in her empty blanket basket, I thought it was pretty cute :)

We took Lily to see the temple lights, which she LOVED! And since it was after 8pm when we headed home she fell asleep on the car ride home!!!

Now some of you may be saying, what is so great about that? Kids sleep in the car all the time, did you really need to take a picture of it? The answer, is YES, I DID need the photographic evidence, because though most children sleep in their car seats my Lily NEVER sleeps ANYWHERE other than her bed, and has been that way since 2 months. And I do mean never. and anywhere. So this pic is a BIG deal for me!

We also had Matt's Barrett side of the family's Christmas Party/Fireside last night. I was exhausted and having contractions and grumpy and did my best to simply sit quietly and politely. I feel bad because we really only get together with all that family like once a year and normally I would be so looking forward to it, but I REALLY just wanted to be home in bed!

Here is Lily with her cousin Dante, this was the first time she has met him, but she loved him a whole bunch, as you can see!

And here she is patiently waiting on the stairs for her turn to see Santa. She has been talking all about Santa and was SO excited to see him, she talked all about the other kids that were sitting on his lap and about how she was going to sit on his lap.

Then of course the time came to actually sit on his lap and as you can probably guess...she flipped.

But, I figure, it is kind of a classic picture right?

Here is just a random one from this week that I found on the camera and it made me smile :)

So as far as baby news is concerned, I went to the Dr today and the diagnosis is still the same "Any day now". If that is all you want to know than just skip the rest of the paragraph, WARNING: I AM ABOUT TO TALK ABOUT MY CERVIX AND OTHER SUCH PREGNANT WOMEN TERMS! The Dr said I am dilated to a solid 2-2.5 cm. I thought that I was maybe a 3, so I was slightly disappointed. He also said that my cervix is still pretty thick, which was the biggest blow to me. I was told with Lily that I have a cervix of steel, because it is abnormally thick and getting it to efface (thin out) in order to dilate is a pretty long process. I have checked my cervix (yeah that's right, get over it) and I know that it is much thinner and more pliable than is normal for me, but apparently compared with normal women, who don't have super human cervix's it is still relatively thick. So I have no idea how long it will take to thin out. With Lily my Dr wouldn't check my cervix until AFTER 37 1/2 weeks so at my appointment (37w 6D) I was told that I was 1.5-2 cm and then the next day was in labor, but who knows if I had been like that for 2 weeks? (I wasn't brave enough to check then). So anyway, my Doc now says, it could be today, it could really be anytime, probably within the next week or so. So we are just playing the waiting game. I will let let you know next week when I go back, what he says. Although it would be REALLY great to not be able to post because I have this baby sometime this week :)!!!!

Anyway, IT'S CHRISTMAS! Actually it really doesn't feel like Christmas to me, even still. But I am all ready for it, and I am SO excited to watch Lily open her presents. It should be a really great day. And I love how abundant the spirit is in this season. I am SO grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ and that I have the opportunity to reflect upon his influence in my life at the end of every year. I hope that all of you are feeling the effects of his love, mercy, peace and hope this Christmas!


The Swinson Family said...

i had issues thinning out as well...THIS IS GOING TO BE GRAPHIC, just a warning. I have a good friend that is a midwife and she told me to use Evening Primrose Oil and insert (yes, in your vajayjay lol) two 500mg capsules right before bed to help thin out your cervix and you can start at 36 weeks. I started inserting them the night before I had Nash. I thinned me out over night. I had been having contractions for 3 days every 10 minutes non stop but just wouldn't thin out. I really do think that it is what helped. You can buy it at Wal mart i think, or any organic foods place. Do it before bed though cause it can get messy. Gross I know, but it worked for me. haha. It was a good thing too cause Nash had pooped a few days earlier and needed to come out. :)

Charlie said...

I thought I could handle the graphic pregnancy talk, but I got half a sentence in and had to skip to the bottom. Just know that I wish you all the best with that "well woman" stuff. I wish you to be a well woman. How's that. Congratulations on getting Lily to fall asleep in her car seat!

Heidi said...

Amazing! I didn't realize that you were that close! We'll be in pins and needles waiting to hear when Jane/Addison/Isabel makes her appearance! :) Merry Christmas and we love you!

Heather said...

I laughed so much throughout this post.

First, I love your little attitude that would periodically arise about not thinking about judging you, or "that's right I did" kind of stuff. Totally brought me back to the days, "Joo don know meh. Here, hold my chil'."

Next, I luh-luh-love Lily's personality. I want one!

But then, thanks for the graphic women talk and frankness about your misery. It makes me realize that I can, in fact, wait for one.

Loooove you!

Heather said...


My exclamation of "I want one" after saying I love Lily's personality did not mean that I want a personality, although that's how it sounded. I want a child.

But I could probably benefit from her personality, too...

Jewel said...

@Heather--you have enough personalities to go around for now. You don't need Lily's, too. :) Jenn, I'm so impressed with how you're still doing so much to make this a great Christmas for everyone else, even when you're so miserable!! And it's nice to know what there is to look forward to in the near future for me--good luck! Hope the baby comes soon! :)

Jeff and Elisa said...

Lily is classic Jen! Her fiesty personality reminds me of yours! :) Gosh, is pregnancy that bad?!? I think I can wait a bit longer as well to pop one out. I hope your baby comes soon!! When can I see you? I can never get a hold of Kristy either so I will just make the treck out there by myself.

Derek and Tara Larsen said...

Hey Jenn, don't know if your still wanting the thinning advice, maybe you are in the hospital now, but drinking raspberry leaf tea helps! That's what my midwife had me do with Holley, and I did with Brin too! Don't know if you heard or not but we are expecting no.3 now, and I plan on starting the tea at 36 weeks this time! Good luck! I feel your pain!