Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Trip to Thatcher

A picture of beautiful Mt. Graham. I sure do love this place and the cool weather. I never appreciated growing up with the mountain so close until I moved away.

A couple of weeks ago Lily and I went to Thatcher for a week while Matt was in southern Mexico. We really missed Matt and although he had a much more exciting vacation than we did, we had a REALLY great time in Thatcher. I am officially inviting Matt to get on here and tell you all about his trip to Mexico complete with pics (they are defiently more interesting than my pics-even without Lily!). He seemed to have a great time and he came home all safe and sound, which is all I wanted. In fact he came home with presents, which is even better! He even forked out a decent amount of cash to buy me a guitar and case and then carried it around the rest of the week and hauled it back home for me :) He got a picture with the guy who made it and I absolutley love it!! Now I just have to get used to playing again! Anyway, both of our trips were great. Although, I didn't bring any souvineers home for Matt because I didn't realize he'd be bringing stuff for Lily and I. Anyway, when I found out that he would be on this man trip for 7-8 days, I decided I should go home to visit Thatcher. And I am so glad I did. It was a nice laid back relaxing trip and I got to spend alot of time with my family. Usually when we go to Thatch we are trying to see about a dozen people (or more) in the course of 2 days, so it was nice to have a week, although I still didn't manage to see everyone I wanted to. I got to briefly see Mange before she left for Italy for 3 months, which I am glad I caught her, and I went to see Cindy and JJ one day. I got to hang out a couple days with my good friend Tavia, whom I stinking love and miss like crazy. And one night we went out to dinner with her husband Court and John Fav, which was fun. It was just so great to be in thatch and get to see the people at the college, especailly in the Fine Arts Department, although I did miss Timilee. I really forget how much I love it there and how much it is my home. The weather was SOOOO nice. We spent alot of time outside doing stuff, which was GREAT and it actually felt like fall. I feel like here in the valley, I don't know what to do and I spend all day everyday shut up in the house trying to keep Lily entertained, but in Thatch I know all the fun places to go, and I am comfortable just taking Lily by myself. Although I know so many people there that I rarely had to go anywhere with her by myself. But I felt so much more motivation to be active and to get out and do stuff, without the hesitation that I feel here in Phoenix. Anyway, we did lots of stuff, and also spent lots of time just hanging out with my family. It was great and I have really missed it since I came back home.

Just a random bathtub pic

Hanging out in GG's backyard with Benjamin and Lily

My neice Ava

Lily and her ball, she loves to throw and kick balls around

Lily and Ava fighting over the ball

Playing at the park, we went to the park several mornings on our walk and played around.

She is finally big enough to climb up and go down all by herself!

Feeding the ducks, which she LOVED! I think that she would have gotten in if we would have let her!

She wasn't scared of the ducks or geese at all she loved throwing the food to/at them.

We stopped at DQ on the way to the duck ponds, Lily hasn't had much, if any, experience with ice cream and Oh Boy! Once she discovered how yummy it was, we couldn't pull her away!

On the mountain, Lily really wanted to get right in the water.

She was so into everything on the mountain, she made it clear that she had NO time to take pictures and was rather annoyed with me as I was constantly trying to snap some shots where you could see her face (which took some manuevering on my part!)

Oh Boy, Grama showed me how to throw rocks into the stream!

Laughing because she made the rocks splash all over Grama.

So proud of herself


Heather said...

So. Stinkin'. Cute.

That's all.

Oh, except for the fact that I'm sad I'm no longer part of the Thatch circuit. :(

(Yeah, like I could make any sort of comment succinct.)

Charlie said...

SOOO cute. And I know what you mean about Thatcher vs. Phoenix. There are so many things I miss about Thatcher. Racism and homophobia are not among them, but I still wish I could find some kind of magical balance between small town and big city life. Or at least impose Thatcher's climate on Phoenix.