Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Going Home

So this past weekend we packed up and went to Thatcher for Fri-Sun. It was great. Friday night we got a nice monsoon storm and Saturday morning Matt, Lily and I went to the park.

It is amazing how much cooler it is in Thatcher. It was actually like 9:30 before it started getting too warm. It was fun, but Lily hadn't slept pretty much AT ALL the night before, so we didn't stay too long, we headed back to put her down for a nap.

We went down because it was my sister Emily's baby shower, which I of course left her gift at home and then proceded to get really sick halfway through her shower. I was then sick until about 5:30 am, at which point I was finally able to crawl out of the bathroom and into bed for a couple hours until we had to pack up for the trip home.

Below is a picture of Lily playing with my straightening iron, she LOVES to play with all of my hair gadgets, she kept going up to the mirrors and pretending that she was using it on her hair.

We had made plans with several people and so we thought that we were going to have a really packed schedule while we were there, but every person cancelled on us! It was pretty crazy. In the end, it was nice though. I got to relax a little and also just hang out with my family, which was great.

All in all, if you just looked at the stats it would seem like a pretty crappy trip, but I actually really enjoyed it. I do love it there. As soon as we approached the Gila Valley and I could see the surrounding mountains and cotton fields, I felt at home.

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Heather said...

Seriously, Jenn. I cannot tell you enough how stunning Lily is!

And I'm jealous you were in Thatcher. But not so jealous of the fact that you get sick so often. I hope you continue to feel better!